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On this website you can find a collection of vacation rentals Apartments in the Gambia.
Guesthouses are apartments which usually are rented out by the local population of the Gambia.

These apartments are mostly better priced so you can have cheaper holidays in the Gambia.

The Gambia, it's a beautiful country in Africa where you can do adventurous things. But most can relax on the beautiful beaches.

In Gambia you can put all your worries away and experience the Gambia life in its purest form, you feel open and happy and that is what the people in the Gambia are good in.

If you are planning to go to the Gambia with a large party these vacation apartments are the ideal and cheapest way to spend your holiday in the Gambia.

The prices that are asked for a stay in a Guesthouse are mostly negotiable,
And also the longer you stay in a Guesthouse the more you can negotiate a lower price.

Booking charter to Gambia

If you want to stay in a guesthouse you will need to fly by charter Gambia, be warned that the flight to the Gambia most of the times wont be cheap because sometimes a charter ticket is more expensive then a vacation all inclusive package with an hotel in the Gambia.

The ten most viewed apartments:

Here you can see the top ten of the most populair apartments, you can click here to see the places on the map of the Gambia.

Name Placename
1. Jongoma GuesthouseKololi/Senegambia
2. The Pineapple ApartmentsKololi/Senegambia
3. Kunta Kinteh GuesthouseKololi/Senegambia
4. Devon LodgeKololi/Senegambia
5. Babulas ResidenceKololi/Senegambia
6. Fajara Golf ApartmentsFajara
7. Sundowners GuesthouseKotu
8. Casa CarlaBijilo
9. Blue Parrot GuesthouseKololi/Senegambia
10. Ngala LodgeFajara
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Exchange Rate:
€1 = 38,25 Dal*
* Rate may not be accurate
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