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Information about: Bwiam Lodge Gambia

Placename :  Bwiam Village Foto Bwiam Lodge
Contact Person :  Foni Kansala
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Avarage Score :  0.0/10

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Written by Anoniem   on 14-10-12 06:05 Score: 8.0/10
Hey, I was a volunteer in The Gambia back in 1976 1979. It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of rlelay great people. I worked at St. Joseph's High School for two years and then at GAMCO (probably not there anymore) in Bakau for one year. I lived in Bakau and rlelay felt welcomed. I hope you have a great experience. There were nine people in my group and about 30 volunteers in the country at the time. Wash your hands often!Gary

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