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Placename :  Tujereng Foto Farakunku Lodges
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Avarage Score :  8.0/10

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Written by Anoniem   on 19-08-09 10:47 Score: 8.0/10
The lodges are 2km away from the beach, the hosts offer transport to the beach if
required. The guests can choose to bike there or walk, clearly walking is dependent
on the time/ heat of the day.

The lodges are all supplied electric from solar panels, there are no noisy
generators. Also the hot water is supplied by solar heaters. It is rare to have this
in The Gambia.

The lodges are located in the rural village of Tujereng and the peace and
tranquility is fantastic, it is not a place for party animals and is well away from
the busy tourist area of Senegambia. The quality and service offered are far above
average for this country.

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